Station: Wixom, MI

Wixom MI Elevator with train GTW Wixom MI Signal and Wye Wixom MI Union stationWixom HistotryWixom was settled about 1831 as Shelby Corners. It was renamed Wixom about 1871. The town became a village in 1957 and a city in 1958. [MPN]

Wixom is located in southwest Oakland County and was the crossing of two railroad lines. The former Pere Marquette (later C&O/CSX) line from Plymouth to Flint crossed the Grant Trunk Western's Jackson Branch just north of what is now Pontiac Trail.

See Wixom - Lincoln Yard for additional information about the C&O yard which served the Ford Motor Wixom Assembly Plant.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, an old photo of the Wixom depot which served both the Pere Marquette and the Grand Trunk Western erailroads. The control at the right is believed to have been used to change a target or bball signal at the top of the pole which controlled access to cross the diamond. [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, a Pere Marquette "Berkshire" steam engine leads a freight train across the GTW diamond at Wixom. The elevator is on the left. 3rd photo, the remnants of the Wixom interlocking looking west on the former Grand Trunk Western. The GTW Jackson branch is at the left (pulled up before the crossing). The old searchlight signal proteting the crossing is still in place. The track to the right is the Coe Rail/CSX interchange wye. In 2004. [Mike Tabone] Bottom, an article from the Detroit Free Press in 1874]