Location: Pontiac, MI - GTW Yard

GTW locomotives at Pontiac MI GTW locomotives at Pontiac MI

GTW Pontiac MI Coaling Tower GTW Pontiac Yard was located on the northwest side of Pontiac. The facility was a major yard with locomotive service facilities, a coal tower, roundhouse and car shops. The yard served the Pontiac area as well as branch lines heading to Jackson, Caseville and Richmond.

GTW Pontiac Roundhouse

Photo Info/Credit: Top, GTW 1950 and 1951 at the Pontiac engine house in the 1960's [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, GTW 1951 is photographed at Seamen Manufacturing near Johnson Avenue in Pontiac in the 1960's. [Charlie Whipp]. 3rd photo is of the Canadian National (former GTW) Yard at Pontiac, Michigan. [Greg Fullmer]. 4th photo, the coal dock at GTW Pontiac yard. [Charlie Whipp]. 3rd photo, the roundhouse at Pontiac in 1967. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

The GTW hard had a turntable which is still in place but not operational. You can see it clearly from Cass Avenue.