Station: Bruce's Crossing, MI

Bruce's Crossing was settled about 1865 on a north-south Military Road which came through here. This was a relay station for U.S. Mail. [MPN]

Bruce's Crossing was also a station stop on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railroad between Marquette and Duluth in southeast Ontonagon County at milepost 250.1. The station was located east of US-45 and was built about 1890. [UPM] The station was in Section 27, T48N-R40W. [DSSM]

Three miles west of Bruce's Crossing in Stannard Township, the DSS&A crossed the Baltimore River on a thirteen-span steel trestle which was built in 1899 by the Lassig Bridge and Ironworks Company of Chicago. It is 8' wide, 435' long and rests on concrete abutments and steel piers ranging from 20' to approximately 125' in height, and consists of thirteen steel deck girder spans. [UPM] The structure is currently used as a snowmobile/RV trail.


December 10, 1902. Boiler Explosion Kills Three Men. The boiler in Smith & Steinbraker's sawmill, four miles north of Bruce's Crossing on the Military road, Ontonagon County, blew up killing Mr. Steinbraker and two others, one of whom was a Mr. Hughes.

1918. The DSS&A had an operator/agent here during the day shift. [TRT]

1962. The Soo Line was awarded $8,367 by the state administrative board to modernize flasher signals on US-45 near Bruce Crossing. [EDP-1962-0505]