Station: Mass, MI

In 1848, copper was discovered here. Land was sold to the Mass Mining Company which organized operations here in 1855. Another town known as "Mass City" was platted two miles west of here but it was abandoned in 1899 when Mass was platted. [MPN] Mass was on the Mineral Range's Keweenaw branch at milepost 32.8 from Keweenaw Bay, Maas was located in Section 4/5 of T50N-R38W. The Copper Range also came through here, crossing the DSSA at Peppard, about one mile east of Mass.

There was a wye and short branch from Mass to the Mass Mine, about three miles west. [DSSM]

1918. MILW had a station agent here on the day shift and an operator here on the night shift. The DSS&A had an agent/operator at this location during the day. [TRT]