Mine: Clinton Mine, Norwich, MI

An underground copper mine located near Norwich in Ontonagon County. A rich vein of copper was discovered in 1846 near the Ontonagon River and work was started in 1850. The American Mining Co. of Vermont organized the Norwich Mining Co. in 1855. Work continued until 1858, when the mine was leased on tribute. In 1863, the company was reorganized and consolidated with the Windsor Mining Co. In 1864, the company merged with the Hamilton Mining Co. The mine was closed in 1865, but work continued on tribute until 1869. In 1899 and 1900, some work was done at Norwich under the name of Essex Mining Co. The mine produced an approx. total of 993,000 lbs. of refined copper. Collectors can find copper, quartz, and some silver. [MINDAT]