Mine: Ohio Trap Rock Mine, Norwich, MI

the Ohio Trapp Rock Mine was originally worked in 1845 and was one of the first mines in the region. It was located near the Norwich townsite in Ontonagon County.

The Ohio Trap Rock Mine is one of the oldest mines in Ontonagon County. The Ohio Trap Rock Company was organized in 1846 from a special charter formed in 1845 from the War Department. In 1846, two shafts were sunk on ancient mining pits left by prehistoric miners. By 1847, 10 men were working the mine which included two additional shafts and an adit. One of the shafts was named the Pressure Shaft and was producing stamp and barrel copper. In 1852 the Park’s Shaft was sunk and proved to be the most productive as several large masses of copper were removed. By 1857, very little copper was removed and the mine closed. The mine was worked on tribute after this time and in 1863, the mine was renamed the Hamilton. In 1903, the mine was sold to the Copper Crown Company. [MINDAT]