Station: Grand Haven, MI

PM Grand Haven MI Depot PM Grand Haven MI Depot GTW Grand Haven MI Depot GTW Grand Haven MI Depot GTW new depot at Grand HavenGTW Depot Historical MarkerGrand Haven was settled as a trading post town about 1833. It was incorporated as a city in 1867. [MPN] Grand Haven was located along the Chicago & West Michigan (later PM/C&O/ CSX) railroad line from Waverly (Holland) to Muskegon in northwestern Ottawa County.

Photo Info: Top, a 2003 view of the former PM depot at Grand Haven. [Alan Loftis]. 2nd photo, the GTW depot at Grand Haven with a passenger train and crew in front. [Alan Loftis collection]. 3rd photo, a 1940 photo of the PM station at Grand Haven. The camera was in the center of the Warehouse Track, 80' north of the north end of the depot looking south. [H.S. Robinson photo, Alan Loftis collection]. 4th photo, the GTW depot in 2003. 5th photo, the "new" GTW depot at Grand Haven in 1972. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 6th photo, the historical marker attached to the GTW depot. [Alan Loftis]

Time Line

1886 - The DGH&M freight house at Grand Haven is destroyed by fire. [RL-1886-0225]

1917. The GTW had an operator here during the day shift. [TRT]

1960 - The GTW had a 80' turntable at Grand Haven. It was removed in 1960 or 1961.


General Refining. 1939-1941 [MW]