Loction: Grand River Bridge - Spoonville, MI - (C&WM)

This bridge was used between 1871 and 1881 and was built by the Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore Railroad which later became part of the Chicago & West Michigan and then the Pere Marquette.  Spoonville was just south of Nuncia in Ottawa County.  Through consolidation, the C&WM ended up with two lines between Holland and Muskegon when the C&MLS and the Michigan Lake Shore merged.  The Holland-Nunica-Fruitport line was abandoned and all through passenger and freight service was shifted to the Holland-Grand Haven-Muskegon line.

Nothing put pilings was left in the Grand River in the 1890's.  The railroad's report to the Michigan Railroad Commission in 1872 says that this was a 1-draw, wooden Howe truss design bridge, 1,780 feet long.  Long/Lat is estimated to be 43-02.440 / 86-04.929.