Station: Rogers City, MI

Rogers City is located on the shore of Lake Huron in north central Presque Isle County. The town was settled about 1869 by lumber interests. It incorporated as a village in 1877 and became a city in 1944. [MPN]

Rogers City is just west of a huge limestone quarry established by the Michigan Limestone Company. The Detroit & Mackinac railroad built a branch line to Rogers City which terminated on the west side of town.

The D&M built a wye here to turn locomotives. [DMAR-1915]

January, 1906. Paul Hoeft of Rogers City has closed a deal for the sale to the H.M. Loud's Sons' Co. of AuSable, of 12,000 acres of timber land in Presque Isle county, saw mill, docks and the steambarge Starke, the consideration being stated at $150,000. Mr. Hoeft will operate the saw mill the coming season for the purpose of clearing kup his stock of logs. The lands included in the deal are heavily timbered, mostly with hardwoods. [AML-1/6/1906]