Station: Roscommon, MI

MC Roscommon MI Depot MC Roscommon MI DepotRoscommon was founded about 1845. It has been the county seat of Roscommon County since 1875 and became incorporated as a village in 1882. [MPN]

Roscommon was located on the Mackinaw Branch of the Michigan Central railroad. The town is about 20 miles southeast of Grayling by railroad mileage.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a MC passenger train takes on passengers in Roscommon. This is not likely the depot but another building near the rails. [Alan Loftis collection] 2nd photo, the MC depot in 1935. Note that the street crossing has automatic protection by this time. [Charles Milliken photo, Doug Leffler collection]


1917. The MC had a agent/operator here around the clock. [TRT]


S. G. M. Gates Shingle mill - (xxxx ← 1906 → xxxx)