Station: East Saginaw, MI

East Saginaw was built about 1850 on the east side of the Saginaw River in Saginaw County. The town was incorporated as a village in 1855 and as a city in 1857. In 1873, it was consolidated with South Saginaw. and then with the City of Saginaw in 1889. [MPN] Railroads often referred to this as "Saginaw East Side", and across the river as "Saginaw West Side". For a number of years, there were railroad depots on both sides.

Depot Fire (1889). The F&PM passenger and freight depot was destroyed by an incendiary fire (May 1, 1889) together with a quantity of tickets and other contents. Loss about $500; partially insured. [DFP-1889-0502]

Time Line:

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1862 - The Flint & Pere Marquette builds south from Saginaw to Mount Morris in Genesee County, then to Flint in 1863.

1867 - The F&PM builds north from Saginaw to 23rd street in Bay City.

1867 - The F&PM builds west from Saginaw to Midland and later Ludington.

1867 - The Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw (later MC) railroad builts north through Saginaw (west side) to Bay City.

1873 - The Saginaw Valley & St. Louis (later PM) builds a line from Paines to St. Louis (and later Howard City). The line uses JL&S trackage rights into Saginaw from Paines.

1879 - The Detroit & Bay City railroad (later MC) builds a "cut off" from Denmark Jct. (near Vassar) to East Saginaw. Around the same time, the line was extended across the river by way of a draw bridge to Southbound Junction (JL&S).

1882 - The Port Huron & Northwestern (later PM) builds a narrow gauge line from south Saginaw to Vassar via Hoyt, which becomes a branch line to Port Huron. The line is later changed to standard gauge and truncated at Hoyt, with the western section becoming part of the PM belt line around Saginaw and East Saginaw.

1882 - The Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron (later PM) builds northeast from Saginaw to Sebewaing and Bad Axe.

1888 - The F&PM builds the Saginaw Belt Line, around the west side of Saginaw, from west of Mershon south to the Fordney area.

1888 - The F&PM builds its Zilwaukee Spur, from Mershon 6.1 miles north along the west side of the Saginaw River.

1888 - The F&PM builds their West Side branch from Mershon south along the west side of the Saginaw River 3.1 miles to near Fordney. From here, they use MC trackage rights to Paines and west to Mt. Pleasant.

1888 - The Toledo, Saginaw & Mackinaw railway (later GTW) builds north into East Saginaw from Durand. The line crosses the Saginaw River on their own drawbridge and proceeds north from Saginaw to Bay City.

1889 - East Saginaw (and south Saginaw) merge with the City of Saginaw on the west side of the river.

1891 - The F&PM builds the "loop line" between the Saginaw Yard and the Bay City branch.

1893 - The F&PM builds a 1.6 mile branch to Crow Island, off their Bay City branch.

Reference - [MRL]. Street railway lines are not indicated.