Location: Brady Hill Interlocking, Saginaw, MI

Brady Hill interlocking was also known as "Dead Line Interlocker". This was located just west of the Saginaw River and was a crossing of the Pere Marquette Brewster Street Siding and the GTW main line (CS&M) west of their drawbridge.

The original interlocked crossing was approved by the Michigan Railroad Commissioner on October 26, 1887. There were signals and derails on both lines, operated by ground levers.

1936 - The crossing was changed to have signals on the GTW and derails on both lines. It appears that the PM siding was seldom used. Derails were changed to "top of track" derailers instead of "Hayes-type" derails which were 1-rail switches.

1943 - Dwarf signals were added on the PM siding to comply with Interstate Commerce Commission directives. Derails were still maintained on the PM and all worked off the same switch stand at the crossing. [MSAI]