Location: Saginaw, MI - MCRR Facilities

MC Saginaw MI DepotMC Saginaw MI Depot MC Saginaw MI Depot MC Saginaw MI Depot MC Saginaw MI Depot MC Saginaw MI DepotPhoto Info/Credit: Top, GTW 8310, an 0-8-0 switcher, passes the New York Central Genesee Street Depot in Saginaw. The locomotive will soon cross the Saginaw River on the NYC's bridge and enter its own yard on the east side of the river. Originally the GTW had its own bridge over the Saginaw River just north of the MC bridge but the tracks were combined in the early 1900's and the bridge was removed. 1950 photo. [Ernie Novak, Charlie Whipp collection]. Next 4 photos, the Michigan Central railroad depot at Saginaw at various dates. [Alan Loftis collection]. 5th photo, an old signal bridge over the New York Central on the west side of the river. This signal bridge which originally controlled at least two of the four railroad racks, still has one target signal in place. Note the large bases which held the wiring for the former semaphore signals. [Jim Slater]

In 1897, the Michigan Central had a station in West Saginaw at Court Street, milepost 99.99 (from Jackson). This would be one mile south of Southbound Junction. In 1897, the Genesee Street station was known in the timetable as North Saginaw.