Drawbridge: Saginaw River Drawbridge, Saginaw, MI - (PM)

PM Saginaw River Drawbridge PM Saginaw River DrawbridgeThe Pere Marquette drawbridge in Saginaw over the Saginaw River continues in use today, however the bridge is fixed in place and no longer raised for river traffic. The moveable portion of this bridge was is a bascule-type lift bridge.

Photo Info: Top, the CSX Saginaw River drawbridge just west of the Potter Street Station in Saginaw in 1983. The river is now closed to large ships at this location and the bridge is locked in the closed position. [Ron Hagemeister]. 2nd photo, a 1969 view of the drawbridge taken from Mershon Tower on the west side of the river. The wye track off to the right goes to the C&O industrial track along the NYC and GTW in West Saginaw. Note the communication poles along the C&O which appear to have held as many as 60 wires. This would have supported circuits heading west from Saginaw towards Ludington. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

Time Line

1893. July 27. Work is in progresses on the new F& PM $50,000 railroad bridge over the Saginaw River, which, when completed, will be a model of strength and beauty. It supplants the old structure erected 26 years ago (1867), and will have two swings 168 and 143 feet in length, and besides two fixed spans of 119 and 130 feet in length, allowing travel on foot as well as by rail. Trains of the western division at present are running over the Belt Line bridge. [DFP-1893-0727]