Interlocking: Saginaw, MI - West Shore Crossing

West Shore Crossing was an interlocked crossing of the east-west Michigan Central railroad's main line (from Denmark Junction to Southbound Junction) and the Flint & Pere Marquette West Shore Line and a GTW industrial spur known as the Wright Spur.

The location of this interlocking was along the current Huron & Eastern (MC) line west of the Saginaw River drawbridge and west of N. Niagara Street. 

In 1899, the crossing was controlled by an interlocking tower with signals and derails.

Note: Just west of this crossing, the MC crossed its own line to serve area industry. This crossing was protected by a gate, normal position lined for the main line.

In 1926 the GTW Wright spur was removed from the crossing.

In 1946, PM signals were replaced by derails. The small tower was removed and a lever stand was added with an electric lock timer. [MSAI]