Interlocking: Tappan Tower, Port Huron, MI

Tappan Tower Tappan Tower Tappan Tower Tappan Tower Tappan TowerTappan interlocking tower was a very busy crossing or junction of five railroad lines radiating out in eight directions.

  • GTW's main line between Port Huron and Flint
  • GTW's main line between Fort Gratiot and West Detroit
  • PM's Almont branch from Port Huron to Almont
  • PM's branch to Saginaw via Marlette
  • PM's Port Huron Yard

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a photo of Tappan taken in 1893 with Amtrak proceeding west towards Flint. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, a winter scene with the C&O crossing the Mt. Clemens main line. 1985. [Charlie Whipp]. 3rd photo, a westbound GTW freight leaves tunnel yard past Tappan. 4th photo, DT&I 6415 leads a GTW train on the Flint sub in 1984. [Charlie Whipp]. 5th photo, a DTSL (Detroit & Toledo Shore Line) locomotive powers a freight westbound on the GTW Flint sub, crossing the C&O Port Huron subdivision (which heads off towards Saginaw) at Tappan. 1970's. [Charlie Whipp]

In 1914, the GTW installed a new 44-lever interlocking plant at Tappan which included power operated distant signals. [TSE-1/1915]