Station: Sturgis, MI

LSMS Depot Sturgis MI LSMS Depot Sturgis MI LSMS Depot Sturgis MI LSMS Depot Sturgis MISturgis was settled about 1827 in southeast St. Joseph County about three miles north of the Indiana state line. The town was incorporated as a village in 1855 and became a city in 1895. [MPN]

Sturgis was located on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern's "Old Road" line which was the first railroad to connect Toledo and Chicago, running through southern Michigan. In addition to this east-west route, the north-south Grand Rapids & Indiana line between Fort Wayne, Indiana and Mackinaw City crossed here, as well as the MC/LSMS Goshen Branch, which ran north to Battle Creek.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, and 2nd photos, the Lake Shore depot at Sturgis. [Alan Loftis photo/collection]. 3rd and 4th photos, postcard views of the same depot.]

The Lake Shore had a water tower at Sturgis in 1915. [NYCtt1915]