Station: Vernon, MI

AA Vernon MI Depot AA Vernon MI Depot Wig Wag signal at Vernon MI AA Vernon MI DepotVernon was settled about 1833 and became a village in 1871. [MPN] The Detroit & Milwaukee railroad (later GTW) came through here in 1856 and established a station here.

The Ann Arbor also came through later, using the GTW line.

This is not South Vernon, which is on the CN east-west main line west of Durand.

Photo Info/Credit: Top and 2nd photo, the Ann Arbor depot at Vernon in the early days. 3rd photo, a TSBY freight train crosses a road at Vernon in the 1990's. Note the wig-wag signal still in use. 4th photo, the depot, now restored in 2003. [Alan Loftis collection].


1917: The GTW had a station agent here during the day, as did the AA railroad. [TRT]


Hi-Way Refining Co. From 1939-1946. Served by the AA or GTW.