Station: Vassar, MI

Vassar MI Interlocking Tower Vassar MI Interlocking TowerVassar Tower was the interlocked crossing of the NYC's Bay City Branch and the C&O's Saginaw to Port Huron (via Marlette) line. The tower was later automated and taken out of service. Now the crossing is controlled by a gate which is operated by train crews.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, this photo was taken by Ernie Novak, an engineer on the New York Central in 1955. The photo looks north from Ernie's train TB-10. The NYC line crosses the Pere Marquette at this location. A careful examination to the right of the tower shows the MC water tank and water standpipes are visible in front of the depot alongside the main line about 1/4 mile away. The train roder board is set at "Stop" for TB-10 so that they can pick up "31" train orders for a meet with the afternoon passenger train out of Bay City/Saginaw. [EL Novak/Charlie Whipp collection]. 2nd photo, Vassar's gated crossing in 2007. An HESR trai is approaching from the east. [Dale Berry]

Vassar was settled about 1849 in southwest Tuscola County. The town became a village in 1871 and a city in 1944. [MPN] Vassar was the crossing of the Michigan Central's Bay City Branch (from Detroit) and the Port Huron & Northwestern (later PM) line running between Saginaw and Port Huron via Marlette. The lines, now operated by the Huron & Eastern, crossed here, controlled by an interlocking tower. The crossng is now protected by a gate. The MC also had a branch which left the main line northeast to Bad Axe via Caro and Bach.

1905 improvements: The PM builds new stock yards at Vassaar. [PMAR-1905]