Station: Chelsea, MI

MC Chelsea MI DepotMC Chelsea MI DepotMC Chelsea MI Depot with planeChelsea was settled about 1820 and became a station stop on the state's "central" line in 1848. The town became a village in 1889 and a city in 2012. [MPN]

1920 - On the Michigan Central, this is a passenger, freight and express agency joint with the American Railway Express Company. Interline tickets are issued. E. D. Brown is the agent. The telegraph call sign is "CS". [MCOAS]

Photo info/credit: Top, the Michigan Central depot in Chelsea. This depot was built in 1880 and used by a station agent until the late 1960's. This photo is from 1975. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, another postcard view of the depot and park. 3rd photo, a sign of the times to come. An experimental bi-plane purported to fly over the Chelsea depot. This was likely a creation in the photographer's darkroom, rather than an actual photo. [Both, Alan Loftis collection].