Location: Manchester Junction, MI

Manchester Junction was the crossing of the Michigan Central's Ypsilanti Branch (Ypsilanti to Hillsdale) and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Jackson Branch (Lenawee Junction to Jackson). The crossing was about 1/2 mile west of the village of Manchester. According to maps and timetables, this was originally a very narrow angled crossing which was converted to two switches very early on.

There were likely two depots in Manchester but the Ypsilanti Branch trains began using the Lake Shore depot at the beginning of the 1900's by heading or backing down the Jackson branch to the Lake Shore depot (which was located about where the Manchester fire station is today). A signal system was also used to protect trains on the Jackson branch south of the Ypsilanti branch.

Location: 42o08.948'N / 84o03.386'W.