Station: Wiard's, MI

Wiard's was a station stop on the Michigan Central's main line east of Ypsilanti, in Washtenaw County.


1906. The night operator at Wiard was assaulted by unknown perpetrators, similar to a recent murder of the night operator at Galien, in southwest Michigan. At the time of the assault, the operator was copying a train order for an approaching train. He was assaulted just before he finished copying it. Railroad detectives are considering that the perpetrators of both the assault and murder might be other employees who were trying to discourage employees from working the night shifts at outlying stations. [SJH-1906-0922]

1917. This station was staffed around-the-clock by MC operator/agents. [TRT]

1920. On the Michigan Central, this is telegraph station only. Telegraph call sign is "WR". At milepost 257.3 from Chicago. [MCOAS]