Station: Cadillac, MI

AA Cadillac MI Depot AA Cadillac MI Depot CNE Cadillac MI Depot GRI Cadillac MI Depot GRI Cadillac MI Depot Cadillac was settled in Wexford County about 1871. In 1872 it was called the village of Clark Lake but renamed Cadillac in 1877. The town became a village in 1875 and a city in 1877. [MPN]

Cadillac was home to at least three railroads, the Ann Arbor railroad which ran between Toledo and Frankfort, the Grand Rapids & Indiana (between Fort Wayne and Mackinaw City) and the Cadillac & Northeastern, a 3' narrow gauge logging railroad which ran 12 miles east to Lake City.

Photo info/credit: Top, the Ann Arbor railroad depot at Cadillac about 1915. 2nd photo, a view of the same depot in 1971. [Charles Geletzke, Jr.]. 3rd photo, The Cadillac & Northeastern railroad depot at Cadillac about 1891 with a 3' gauge logging train in front. 4th and 5th photos, the Grand Rapids & Indiana depot at Cadillac. [Both, Alan Loftis collection].


Cobbs & Mitchell, Inc. Manufacturers of kiln dried maple flooring and other products. Headquartered in Cadillac.