Station: Michigan City, IN

Michigan City IN Depot Michigan City IN Depot Michigan City, Indiana was located near the southwest corner of Michigan and the State of Indiana. The town is on the Indiana side of the boundry. Michigan City was a station stop on the Michigan Central's main line from Detroit to Chicago.

Photo info/credit: Top, a postcard view of the Michigan Central depot at Michigan City, Indiana. 2nd photo, Monon Alco 502 and 507 are photographed at Michigan City in the 1960's. [Doug Leffler]

1907. The PM erected a new freight platform and transfer shed at this location in 1907. [PMAR-1907]

1917. The MC had an operator-agent here aroiund-the-clock. [TRT]

1920. On the Michigan Central, this is a passenger ticket and freight station. Also issues Interline tickets. Telegraph call sign is "TY". J. N. North is the passenger agent. W. E. Goodrich is the freight agent. [MCOAS]