Location: Lang Yard - D&TSL - North Toledo, OH

DGTSL Lang Yard Toledo OHDTSL 117 at Lang YardDTSL Lang Dispatcher

Lang Yard was the main yard of the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad, which was owned by the Clover Leaf and the Grand Trunk Western.  It was located north of the Toledo Terminal Railroad south of the Ottawa River.

For about 90 years, Lang Yard served as the southern terminal of the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad, a joint GTW/Nickle Plate line which ran between Toledo and Detroit.  Lang was also used as a storage yard for coal trains in transit between the coal fields and coal burning power plants in the Detroit area.  Today, the yard is used by the Canadian National Railroad.

Photo info/credit: Top, a 2005 view of Lang Yard in Toledo, Ohio. This view is looking north.[Dale Berry] 2nd photo: D&TSL 117 at Lang Yard in 1973. [Doug Leffler] 3rd photo, the dispatcher's desk at Lang in 1980. Using the CTC panel, the dispatcher here controlled the line between Toledo and Detroit. [Charles Geletzke Jr. photo]

 Lang facilities: The D&TSL built a south end yard office and 8-stall roundhouse and machine shop here in 1907. In 1908, they built a car repair shop. In 1917, they built an office building here, as well as a car foreman's office, transfer platform with office. In 1920 a storehouse for company material was built here. Lang had a 300-ton steel coaling station which was built in 1920. Lang had a 50,000 gallon capacity water station here which was a wood tub on a steel tower. [ DTSL-1922]

1922 improvements: The water tank at Lang, described as a "wooden tub", is renewed. It holds 50,000 gallons. [ DTSL-1922]