Station: Niagra, WI

Niagra is a town in northern Marinette County along the lower falls of the Menonimee River opposite Quinnesec/Iron Mountain, Michigan. The town is reached by rail from a CN branch line from Quinnessec.

Around 1900, the Kimberly and Clark Company built a large pulp and paper mill here. A sulfite plant was also in place here to make chemicals for processing wood products.[LSMI/1900] The plant operated for 100 years. Rail servcie to the plant in 2014 still exists but is not utilized.

Menominee River Bridge. In 1898 the C&NW built a bridge over this river to reach the Kimberly-Clark paper plant in Niagra. Overall, the bridge is 18' wide and 320' long and consists of two steel through trusses resting on concrete piers and abutments. One span is a pin-connected Pratt truss 200' long while the other is a pin-connected triple-intersection Warren truss 120' in length. [UPM]