Location: Cliffs Dow Chemical Co., Marquette, Mi

Cliffs Dow was located along Marquette Bay south of the LS&I Presque Isle dock and coal dock. This company was formed in 1935 to take over the Cliff's wood chemical business. It was 60% owned by Dow Chemical and 40% by Cleveland-Cliffs.

This was the former site of CCI's iron charcoal blast furnaces.

The facility made wood tar/creasote, acetic acid, methyl alcohol, acetone, formaldehyde and lime acetate from forest products harvested from Cliffs vast forest holdings. It was served by the LS&I.

The plant was purchased by Georgia-Pacific in 1968 and closed in 1969. It remains a Superfund cleanup site. [LSI2]

Cliffs Dow operated a blast furnace at this location which produced pig iron from 1903 to 1933. [LSJ-1962-0812]

Historical Information: In 1903, the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company began operation of this charcoal pig iron plant in North Marquette under the name Pioneer Iron Company. The plant was previously owned and operated by the Pioneer Iron Mining Company. The plant continued to produce charcoal and engage in the distillation of wood after 1903. In 1935, the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Mining Company and The Dow Chemical Company formed the Cliffs - Dow Chemical Company. The new company took over the plant to begin the Scholler process for acid hydrolysis of wood to make ethyl alchohol, also known as ethanol. The plant ceased operation in 1969 after Royal Oak Charcoal Company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, bought the business in 1968. The records for this company are maintained in the archives at NMU. [Northern Michigan University]