Location: Marquette, MI - Soo Line Ore Dock

The last DSS&A ore dock was built by the railroad in 1932 to replace a timber dock built in 1905. The newer single-track approach is a 3,546' long steel trestle, most of it at a 1.22 percent grade. The alignment of the approach has two six degree curves, the first 368' to the right and the second 3380' to the left, and then one seven degree curve, 252 feet long to the right. The dock proper is of reinforced concrete construction on a pile foundation measuring 969' long, 85' 7" high and 67' 4" wide. There are 150 ore pockets with chutes 36' long and 43' 3" from the hinge hole to the water. The dock has a total storage capacity of 40,000 tons. The dock has not been used since 1971. The dock remains as of 2015 but the approach tracks and structures have been removed. [UPM]

M&O Dock Office. This building was constructed in 1872 as a dock office for the Marquette and Ontonagon Railroad Company which was eventually absorbed by the DSS&A in 1890. The building was constructed with stone with a gabled iron roof and measured 30' by 40' by 16' high. [UPM]