Station: Negaunee, MI

Negaunee MI Union Station Negaunee MI Union Station Negaunee MI Union Station Negaunee MI Union Station Negaunee DSSA Old StationNegaunee was settled by the Jackson Iron Company about 1846. The Pioneer Furnace opened here in 1857 and the town was then called Negaunee. It was also called Neganee for a time. Negaunee became a village in 1865 and a city in 1873. [MP]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, Negaunee union station in an early view. [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, a 2003 view. [Greg Bunce]. 3rd and 4th photos, the restored station in 2006. [Ann Kantola]. 5th photo, a 2003 view o the DSS&A freight house at Negaunee. This depot was the South Shore depot which preceeded the brick station above. [Greg Bunce]

The DSS&A had a water tower in Negaunee, as did the Marquette & Western railroad.

MH&O Negaunee Station. The MH&O Negaunee station on Gold Street was built in 1880 to replace an earlier passenger station which burned in October, 1879. It is a rectangular frame building 22' wide and 90' long with a gabled roof and wide overhanding eaves. This combination passenger and reight facility contained an American Express office, an agent's office as well as a passenger waiting room and freight storage area. [UPM]

Negaunee Union Station. This station was built at Gold and Rail Streets in 1910 by the Hood Contracting Copany. It is a one-story pressed brick building with a hipped asbestos shingle roof resting on a concrete foundation. Inside was the general waiting room 53' by 15', a baggage room 21' by 20', Western Expres and American Express offices each 17' by 11' and a women's waiting room 15' by 21'. It served the Duluth South Shore and Atlantic Railroad and the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad until it closed in 1965. [UPM]