Station: Presque Isle, MI

Presque Isle is located on the north side of Marquette along Lake Superior. It was established as a village in 1840. In 1860 a cordwood operations was established here and docks and a boat landing installed. [MPN]

Presque Isle was a station on the Big Bay branch of the Lake Superior & Ishpeming railroad north of downtown Marquette.

Presque Isle was the location of the iron ore dock of the Lake Superior & Ishpeming railroad (Cleveland Cliffs), as well as their West Yard (predominantly iron ore for the dock), their locomotive facilities (steam and later diesel) and a coal unloading facility which operated in conjunction with a nearby electrical power plant.

Station. The LS&I Presque Isle staation was built in 1896 and served as a transfer point between the railroad and the Marquette trolley system. This is a one-story frame sgtructure 25' by 50' long with a sharply pitched hipped roof. The station was moved about 200' to its present site in 1963 when the LS&I sold it to the Marquette and Huron Mountain Railroad which operated the station including a restaurant. [UPM]