Location: LS&I Facilities, Presque Isle, MI

LSI Presque Isle MI RoundhouseLSI Presque Isle MI Engine ShopFor much of its history, the Lake Superior & Ishpeming and predessor lines had locomotive facilities at Presque Isle, north of Marquette. These facilities were moved in the early 1970's to Eagle Mills where they now exist.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the LS&I roundhouse and turntable at Presque isle. This building was torn down in the mid-1970's. 2nd photo, The LS&* former diesel shop at Presque Isle in 1969. [Both, Mark Andersen collection]

The LS&I repair shops at Presque Isle (Marquette) included overr twenty buildings including a 20 stall roundhouse, facilities for thawing froen iron ore, and elaborage flower beds. The entire complex was designed and built by the Arnold Construction Company of Chicago, with virtually all construction completed between 1918 and 1922. All of the complex has been torn down. The car repir shop was 69' by 301' long. The machine and erecting shop was 115' by 142'. The powerhouse was 50' by 83' and 15' high. All of these were of brick construction. In addition, there was a wood-framed sandhouse 16' by 53'. The electric powered steel turntable was 14' wide and 85' long resting in a concrete pit. [UPM]