Station: Detroit, MI

Detroit was founded about 1701 by French settlers. The British took possession 1763 until 1783 at which point the United States took over but did not occupy the city until 1796. The town was incorporated in 1802 and became a city in 1815. Detroit was the capital of Michigan from 1837 to 1847 when it was moved to Lansing. [MPN]

Detroit is located along the Detroit River in central Wayne County. The city grew rapidly during the industrial revolution and became a major manufacturer of railroad cars and wheels, stoves and other general merchandise. The population of Detroit reached over 1.8 million people but declined after the 1950's to about 650,000 today. Detroit has been served by a number of railroads over the years:

  • Michigan Central (later NYC, PC, Conrail, NS/CSX)
  • Grand Trunk Western (later CN)
  • Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (later NYC, PC, Control, NS/CSX)
  • Pere Marquette railroad
  • Wabash railroad
  • Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
  • Detroit & Toledo Shore Line
  • Detroit Terminal (owned by MC, LSMS and GTW)
  • Detroit River Tunnel railroad
  • Pennsylvania railroad
  • A number of belt line and industrial railroads
  • Various interurban railroads and street car lines

Detroit industry...

Wolvering Tube Division, was located at 1411 Central Avenue, north of the Wabash Railroad. This company was owned after 1955 by the Calumet & Hecla Company and processed copper into seamless copper tubing.