Interlocking: Ford Junction, Highland Park, MI

Ford Jct MI Ford Jct MI Ford Junction was the interlocked grade crossing of the Grand Trunk Western main line (Detroit to Grand Haven) and the Detroit Terminal belt line in Highland Park.

Photo info/credit: Top, a blueprint of the Ford Jct. interlocking c. 1920's. The route north-south (side to side) is the double-tracked Grand Trunk Western, from Detroit to Pontiac. The east-west (up to down) double track line is the Detroit Terminal, between North Yard and Dearborn. The lead off the Detroit Terminal (upper left) goes into the Ford Motor Company Highland Park Assembly plant. The tower for the interlocker is in the northeast quadrant of the crossing. [Dale Berry photo from the Interlocker files at the State of Michigan Archives]. 2nd photo, an overhead view of Ford Interlocking in 2003. By this time, both lines are now single tracked. [James Agnew]

Location: 42o24.901'N / 83o05.213'W.