Interlocking: FN Tower, Trenton, MI

FN Tower Trenton MI FN Tower Operator Hands Up Orders FN Tower, also known as Trenton Tower, was originally a 4-way crossing of the Michigan Central Toledo Branch (Detroit to Toledo), the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Toledo Branch (Detroit to Toledo), the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton main line (Delray to Ironton, OH) and the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line main line (Detroit to Lang, OH). In the early 1900's, the MC and Lake Shore lines were consolidated into a two-track north-south route, although they remained far apart. The DT&I and the D&TSL crossed in a diamond within the two MC/LS tracks.

This was an MC operated tower with an operator.

Photo info/credit: Top, FN Tower in Trenton is the crossing of the former Michigan Central (now NS northbound main), the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (now NS southbound main), the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton main line to Detroit (Delray), and the Detroit and Toledo Shore Line main line. The track plan design is unique, with the DT&I and the D&TSL crossing in the center of the NS tracks. This photograph was taken in February, 1989. 2nd photo, the operator hands up an order to a NYC fireman using a train order "loop" in 1939. [Jodi Adamowicz family photo]. The NYC also used train order forks, as well as Ironman permanently installed double forks to reach both engine and caboose crews. 

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Location: 42o09.080'N / 83o10.737'W.


1898. The Lima Northern Railroad will erect an interlocking switch tower at the crossing of the Lake Shore road in Trenton. [DFP-1898-0205]

1926. FN interlocking is rebuilt by the MC, adding 18 mechanical levers. [RSC-1927]