Station: Wyandotte, MI

MC-NYC Wyandotte MI Station MC-NYC Wyandotte MI Station DT&I Wyandotte Depot MC-NYC Wyandotte MI Station Wyandotte was settled about 1818. The Eureka Iron Company established a blast furnace here along the Detroit River. The town became a city in 1967, and annexed the adjacent Village of Ford City in 1923. [MPN]

The MC/LSMS had their depot here between the two main tracks just north of Oak Street. The freight house was south of Oak Street, between the MC and DT&I main lines. [SBM-1912]

The DT&I station in Wyandotte was on the northeast corner of Oak and 7th Street. [SBM-1912].

The D&TSL had several team tracks and a trailing point crossover here. [EFI]

Photo info: Top, an early postcard view of the MC depot with its original higher roof line and peaks. [Alan Loftis collection. 2nd photo, the MC depot taken in 2000. This depot is now used by a nonprofit organization. [Charlie Whipp]. 3rd photo, the DT&I station at Wyandotte in 1921 [Henry Ford coll]. 4th photo, NYC 2130, a Lima-class, is southbound at Emmons Road. The train is crossing the Ecorse River near Wyandotte. April, 1950. [Elmer Treloar/Charlie Whipp collection]


Time Line

1908. The D&TSL built a wood agent's office and freight depot here in 1908. [ DTSL-1922]

1916. The DT&I has a half interlocking at their crossing here of the DUR. [MCR-1916]

1917, The MC had an agent-operator here around-the-clock. [TRT]

1924. December 3. A collision between a DUR interurban train and an automobile kills five people and injures 10.  ICC Report [PDF]


Wyandotte Chemical Oil Refinery. 1959-1963. Served by Wyandotte Terminal railroad. [MW]