Mines: Davidson Group Mines, Iron River, MI

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From: 1911

Location: NE-NW Sec. 23 (Davidson No. 1); W 1/2-SE Sec. 14 (Davidson No. 2); SE-SE Sec. 124 (Davidson No. 3); SW Sec. 13 (Barnett); and SE-SW Sec. 14 (part of Forbes).

Owned by: Pickands Mining Co., others. See note below.

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, yellow, high phosphorus.

Method: Underground. Worked by back stoping and caving method.

Railroad connection: C&NW to Escanaba ore dock.


Lifetime Production: 7,287,032 tons between 1911-1937.

As of 1950:

  • Davidson No. 1 active - 950 feet deep.
  • Davidson No. 2 inactive - 445 feet deep.
  • Davidson No. 3 active - 900 feet deep.
  • Barnett - inactive, held in reserve.

Davidson Group Mines SR-SW Sec. 14 (part of Forbes) was acquired by Pickands Mining Co. in 1947 and used as the site for the Davidson shaft.

Photo info/credit: Davidson Mine Shaft #1 in Mineral Hills, MI early 20th century. [MINARC]

Opened in 1911. Has shipped every year except 932. Operated by Davidson Ore Mining Co. through 1940; by Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co. from 1941-1947. Leased by Pickands Mather & Co. in 1947. 1947 shipments from active operations by Pickands Mather & Co. and from stockpile by Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co.


The Davidson Group of mines (1-2-3 and No, 4) were located in Iron River and Mineral Hills in Iron County.