Mine: Youngstown Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

Began → Youngstown Mine → Bristol-Youngstown Mine

From: 1882

Location: W 1/2-SW Sec. 20 oif T43N-R32W.

Owned by: Inland Steel Co.

Produced: Iron Ore

Method: Underground.

Railroad connection: C&NW and MILW to port of Escanaba.


Lifetime Production: 1882-1897 shipped 151,425 tons.

Opened in 1882. Formerly an Oliver Iron Mining Co. operation for the Illinois Steel Co. From 1926 through 1931 the NW-SW Sec. 20 was operated by Oglebay, Norton & Co. for the Bristol Mining Co. under agreement with the Oliver Iron Mining Co. as a part of the Bristol-Youngstown Mine. Leased by Inland Steel Co. in 1949 and reopened together with the Bristol as Bristol-Youngstown with shipment in 1950.