Mine: Sherwood Mine, Mineral Hills, MI

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From: 1931

Location: SE-NE, NE-SE Section 23 of T43N-R35W

Owned by: Republic Steel Corp, then Inland Steel Co. in 1943.

Produced: Iron Ore, semi-hard, reddish-brown, high phosphorus. Crushed.

Method: Underground

Railroad connection: C&NW to port of Escanaba.

Until: 1978 (closed). Last working mine in Iron River area.

Lifetime Production: 2,838,904 tons between 1931 and 1950.


Sherwood MinePhoto info: An overhead view of the Sherwood Mine in Mineral Hills with a modern shaft house on the left and support buildings on the site. [MINART]

Time Line

June 1, 1959 - Sherwood Mine, Iron River, Iron Co. - Inrush of hot gases and steam - 6 fatalities.