Mine: Rogers Mine, Iron River, MI

Blair, Erickson, Swanson, Schibler, Paulsen and White mines → Rogers Mine → Became

From: 1912

Location: SW Sec. 21 and W 1/2 and NE Sec. 29 of T43N-R34W. Includes the Blair (SW Sec. 29); the Erickson (SW Sec. 21); the Swanson (S 1/2-NE Sec. 29); the Schiebler (NE-NE Sec. 29); the Paulsen (NW-NE Sec. 29) and the White (E 1/2-NW of Sec. 29).

Owned by: Munro Iron Mining Co., then Hanna Iron Ore Co. (M.A. Hanna agent).

Produced: Iron Ore, hard, red, high phosphorus and manganiferous. Crushed.

Method: Underground, worked by caving method. Depth: 500 feet.

Railroad connection: C&NW to port of Escanaba.

Until: 1945

Lifetime Production: 2,907,375 tons between 1914 and 1945.

See Schiebler Mine.

Time Line

1911. The Rogers Mine, located on the N. E. ¼, Section 29, 43-34, is under lease to the Munro Iron Mining Company. The property has been partially explored by diamond drilling. A concrete shaft sunk by the Foundation Company is now down to ledge and the active development of the property will soon be started. The concrete part of the shaft has a circular exterior with 16’ 6”x11’ 0”, rectangular interior, which will be divided into two skip roads, a cage road and pipe and ladder compartment. No permanent equipment has yet been installed. [LSMI-1911]

1950, Blair-Erickson are underground explorations not yet opened.