Mine: Riverton Group Mines, Stambaugh, MI

Iron River Mine → Riverton Group Mine → Hiawatha No. 2 Mine


Location: Riverton Mine (E 1/2-NE Section 35) and Iron River Mine (NW-NW Sec. 36 of T43N-R35W0; the Dober Mine (NW Sec. 1); the Duff Mine (E 1/2-NE Section 2 of T42N-R35W); the Isabella (SW-SW Section 36 of T43N-R35W). The Dober, Duff and Isabella are now part of the Hiawatha No. 2 mine.

Owned by: Oliver Iron Mining Co.

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, brown, high phosphorus and manganiferous.

Method: Underground. Depth 1,750 feet.

Railroad connection: C&NW to Port of Escanaba.

Until: 1937

Lifetime Production: 5,881,550 tons between 1882 and 1937.

Riverton Group Mines Formerly Iron River Mine.

Leases on Dober, Duff and Isabella surrendered in 1933 and new leases taken by the M.A. Hanna Co. to form the Hiawatha No. 2 mine which has shipped since 1935. [LSIO]

Photo info: The mine pit, filled with water, aftrer production had stopped. Note the nearby mining equipment. [MINART]