Mine: Ravenna-Prickett Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

Began → Ravenna-Prickett Mine → Became

From: 1911 (Ravenna)

Location: Ravenna was S 1/2-N 1/2, SW and W 1/2-SE Sec. 19 of T43N-R32W; Prickett was NE-SW, N 1/2-SE and SE-NE Sec. 24 of T43-R33W.

Owned by: Hollister Mining Co.; latr by Hanna Iro Ore Co. Reopened by Inland Steel Co. with adjacent Prickett property. Shipped 1940-1943. Inland Steel Co.

Produced: Iron Ore, hard and soft, red, high phosp[horus.

Method: Ravenna undergroud by stopoing. Inland operated as open pit, then underground

Railroad connection: C&NW and MILW to port of Escanaba.

Until: 1943

Lifetime Production: 635,227 tons from 1911-1943.