Mine: Nanaimo Mine, Iron River, MI

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From: 1882

Location: W 1/2-SW Sec. 26 oif T43N-R35W. The Beta Mine, NW-SW Sec. 26 was once included in this property but shipments are shown seperately.

Owned by: Mineral Hills Mining Company.

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, yellow, high phosphorus.

Method: Underground, worked by sub-level caving ethod. Depth: 362 feet.

Railroad connection: C&NW/ MILW to respective Escanaba ore docks.

Until: 1908

Lifetime Production: 373,765 tons between 1882-1908.

The Nanaimo Mine was located in Iron River in Iron County. It was operated by the Mineral Hills Mining Company

NANAIMO MINE—N. W. ¼ of S. W. /4 and S. W. ¼, of S W. ¼, Section 26-43-35.