Mine: Lincoln Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

Fairbanks Mine → Lincoln Mine → Part of Great Western Mine (adjacent) in1899.

From: 1891

Location: W 1/2-SW Sec. 21 of T43N-R32W

Owned by: Crystal Falls Iron Co. ib 1883, then Lincoln Mining Co. in 1891. Reopened by Corrigan McKinney & Co. Lease expired 1917.

Produced: Iron Ore, high phosphorus.

Method: Underground.

Railroad connection: C&NW and MILW to respective docks in Escanaba.

Until: 1909

Lifetime Production: 241,627 tons between 1891-1909.


The Lincoln Mine was operated by the Crystal Falls Iron Company from 1883. The Lincoln Mining Company bought the property in 1891 and worked the mine, which was renamed the Lincoln Mine in 1893. Corrigan McKinney reopened it and operated the Lincoln Mine in conjunction with the adjacent Great Western Mine from 1899 through 1907.

An earlier mine on the original Fairbanks property opened on the eastern border, adjacent to one of the Paint River mines in 1882 by the Crystal Falls Iron Co. This mine was a small open pit. Along with its Pait River neighbor, they were referred to as the Fairbanks Mine though the operations and owners were seperate. [MINDAT]

Property description: The Lincoln property is W 1/2-SW of Section 21, T43N-R32W, which is 80 acres between N46-6-5, N46-6-31, W88-19-13 and W88-19-32.