Mine: Iron River Mine, Stambaugh, MI

Began → Iron River Mine → Riverton Mine

From: Late 1880's.

Owned by: Originally by the Todd, Stambaugh Co. of Youngstown, OH. Then Schleisinger syndicate.

Produced: Iron Ore


Railroad connection: C&NW.

Stamp Mill/Pellet Plant:


Lifetime Production: 

Also known as the Stambaugh mine. The Iron River Mine wass located in Stambaugh and was part of the Riverton Group. Later Riverton Mine.

Time Line

1891. Reported by Senator Fleshiem of Menominee..."That was the trouble with the Stambaugh mine, which is owned by the Schleisinger syndicate. Its ore had too much phosphorus and too little metallic iron, and although it was a very productive mine shipping over 150,000 tons last year, it  has been abandoned."