Mine: Great Western Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

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From: 1882

Location: E 1/2-SW and SW-SE Sec. 21 of T43N-R32W

Owned by: Corrigan McKinney Steel Co. Acquired by Republic Steel Corp. in 1935. Lease surrendered in 1936.

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, reddish-brown, high phosphorus. Crushed.

Method: Underground, worked by stoping method. Depth: 1,250 feet.

Railroad connection: C&NW to Escanaba dock. MILW to their Escanaba dock via E&LS.

Until: 1925 (Mine last operated in 1910)

Lifetime Production: 2,296,739 tons between 1882-1925. [LSIO-1950]

The Great Western Mine, (also known as the Iron Star Mine) was worked between 1882 to 1910. It had 16 levels and three shafts. It also used the shaft of the neighboring Lincoln Mine. The mine was waterly but was one of the most productive in the area. It was located in Crystal Falls.

Property description: E 1/2-SW and SW-SE Sectio 21, T43N-R32W which is the 80 acres between N46-6-5, N46-6-31, W88-18-55 and W88-19-14, and the 40 acres between N46-6-5, 46-6-18, W88-18-36 and W88-18-55.


1911. Although the mine is at present idle considerable activity prevails on surface. At this mine is located the general shops of the Corrigan, McKinney & Co. group, the general store house, and the general office. Hence, a fair force is kept continually engaged here. [LSMI-1911]