Mine: Fogerty Mine, Gaastra, MI

Began → Fogerty Mine → Buck Mine

Opened: 1907: 

Located south/north of County Road 424 in Gaastra, Iron County.

Owned by: Pickands, Mather & Co. (1911). Verona Mining Co. → Buck Group (1944)

Produced: Iron Ore

Method: Shaft mining.

Railroad connection: C&NW

Until: 1962

Lifetime Production: 

Fogerty MinePhoto info/credit: The Fogarty Mine at Gaastra in the early 1900's/ [MINARC]

An iron mine started in 1907 by the Verona Mining Co. It was incorporated into the Buck Mine in 1922 when the latter operation was started on, and centered around, the shafts of the Fogarty Mine. As the Buck was incorporated into the Buck Group in 1944, the Fogarty workings produced ore through closure of the Buck Group in 1962. Thirteen levels were developed to 1,420 feet on shafts No. 1 and No. 2, although are pre-dated by an abandoned shaft known as "Old Fogarty" without much recorded history. The locality coordinates locate this shaft. 1.5 million tons of ore were recorded through 1942, after which time separate records were not kept.

The property description is SE-SE Sec. 1 T42N-R35W, which is the 40 acres between N46º3'30", N46º3'43", W88º37'1", and W88º37'19". [UPM/MINDAT]

Fogerty Mine was located in Caspian in Iron County and opened in 1907.


1911. The Fogarty mine is located on the S. E. ¼ of the S. E. 34 Section 1, Town 42, Range 35. The ore is a brown hematite, and like the Baltic is mined by the sub-stoping method. The property is .fully equipped with machinery and has a fireproof dry house with steel lockers, baths and emergency hospital. The mine is opened to the 3rd level, at a depth of 265 feet vertical, and is operated through two shafts, one for the handling of ore and the other for the handling of timber and men. The first shipments were made in 1907. [LSMI-1911]