Mine: Dunn Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

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From: 1887

Location: W 1/2-NE Sec. 1 oif T42N-R33W

Owned by: Corrigan McKinney & Co., acquired by Republic Steel Corp in 1935. Lease surrendered in 1936

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, reddish-brown, high phosphorus. Crushed.

Method: Underground, worked by stoping method.

Railroad connection: C&NW to Escanaba ore dock.

Until: 1915

Lifetime Production: 2,208,511 tons between 1887-1915



1911. The Dunn is one of the oldest mines in Iron County. The bottom level is the eleventh, at a depth of 1,420 feet. The shaft is three compartment, 6’ 4”x16’ 4” inside. All ore hoisted is crushed before going on the stockpile or into the cars. The hoist is of the Sullivan Corliss type 20”x48”, first motion. A new compressor made by the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company was recently installed, and is a Corliss two stage design, 20”x34” steam, 17”x28” air, with piston stroke of 36”, or a drill capacity of about 25 machines. This mine has underground electric haulage and also electric haulage for stocking on surface. The boiler battery consists of horizontal return tubular boilers, three of 150 horse power each and one of 125 horse power. The underground water is handled by a Prescott compound pump of 500 gallons capacity. [LSMI-1911]