Mine: Cardiff Mine, Mineral Hills, MI

Began → Cardiff Mine → Closed

From: 1919

Location: E 1/2-NE, N 1/2-SE and SW-NE Sec. 22 of T42N-R35W. Includes Keweenaw, N 1/2-SE and SW-NE and McGovern Mine E 1/2-NE.

Owned by: Wickwire Mining Co. in 1919, subsidiary of Wickwire Steel Co. Then Hanna Iron Ore Co. as a part of the Homer mine.

Produced: 144,000 tons of medium, hard, red-brown, high phosphorus hematite ore in two years, 1922-1923.

Method: Underground shaft. Worked by sub-lvel stoping method.

Railroad connection: C&NW to Escanaba dock.

Until: 1923 (permanently closed)

Lifetime Production: 144,415 tons from 1922-1923 (included in Homer tonnage).

Enginehouse, dryhouse, shafthouse (steel framework with sheet metal exterior, 40' tall, 20x25' at the base, 6x8' at the top. [UPM]

The Cardiff Mine was located in Mineral Hills, north of Iron River in Iron County.