Mine: Baltic Mine, Caspian, MI

Began → Baltic Mine → Became

Opened: 1900

Owned by: Pickands, Mather & Co.

Produced: Iron Ore

Method: Underground 2 shafts (1911) to 585 feet.

Railroad connection:

Stamp Mill/Pellet Plant:


Lifetime Production: 

Time Line

Fire at the Baltic Mine (Date Unknown): At the Baltic mine, near Palatka, Mich., fires are burning at two points about 75 feet from the surface, where bands of black slate are exposed in a large open pit. The fires affect only a small area and have never caused any serious inconvenience.

1911. The Baltic mine is located on the W. ½ of the N. W. ¼ of Section 7, Town 42, Range 34. The ore is a brown hematite, and is mined by the sub-stoping method. The mine is thoroughly equipped with machinery, has forty four dwellings and a modern fireproof dry house, equipped with steel lockers, baths, toilets and emergency hospital. It also has a club house for the benefit of the Company’s employees, which is equipped with bowling alleys, baths, barber shop, pool and billiard room with a large and well lighted reading room, is stocked with papers and magazines, together with a graphophone and pianola. The mine is opened to the 7th level, 585 feet vertical depth, and is operated through two shafts, one being used for ore and the other for the handling of men and timber. The first shipment of ore was made in 1901 and the mine is the pioneer of the district around Palatka. [LSMI-1911]

Opened in 1900 the Baltic iron ore mine was located in Caspian in Iron County. (Note: There was another Baltic copper mine located near South Range in Houghton County).