Mine: Mohawk Mine, Mohawk, MI

Began → Mohawk Mine → Closed

From: 1898

Owned by: Mowhawk Mining Company. Bought by the Copper Range Company in 1934.

Produced: Copper Ore


Railroad connection:

Stamp Mill/Smelter:

Until: 1932

Lifetime Production: 

Six shafts, deepest was No. 1 at 3,017 feet.

The Mohawk Mine was located on Fourth Street in Mohawk. It was organized in 1898 and quickly became a major producer of copper ore on the Kearsarge Lode. By 1909 is employed 1,000 men and produced 11.25 million pounds of copper. Nearly depleated, it was purchased by the Copper Range Compny in 1934. [UPM]